Wonder what kids really think about the latest movies, apps, video games, television shows, books, and music? We do. That’s why we started Kids Talk Media, a new podcast about curious kids and their digital world. In each podcast two best friends share their opinions, their favorites, their concerns, and their insights about media with Sherri.

Sherri is Sherri Hope Culver, associate professor at Temple University and director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy. Sherri’s been working and playing with kids for years and is now bringing her special way with kids to this podcast.

In the first few episodes you’ll meet Manny and Brahin, twelve-year old boys obsessed with anime; Annalise and Peyton, nine-year old girls reading Harry Potter and downloading the latest trending apps; and Willa and Francesa, seven-year old best pals who rely on Amazon’s Alexa to navigate their media world.

Parents will love the insights. Kids will love listening to other kids talk about their digital lives. Educators will love the classroom possibilities.

Kids Talk Media gives kids a chance to talk about their experiences with media;

            …to each other

            …in a friendly space

            …with a friendly adult

            …who really cares

(*media includes movies, television shows, apps, video games, music, streaming, magazines, and books.)

Podcast details.


Length: Each episode is 15- 25 minutes

Release schedule: New episodes uploaded during the first week of every month

Interviews with kids ages 4-14

Contact Sherri at

Target audience

Primary audience: Parents of kids 4-14

Secondary audience: Children’s media industry content creators

Professors teaching about media & children and their students

Plus: kids 4-14!

Where to find the podcast.

The podcast is available through the Kids Talk Media website and on the following podcast providers:





Google Podcasts:

Radio Public:

Apple Podcasts:

What’s unique about Kids Talk Media?

There are many podcasts available for parents, but none that focus on media content and technology through the voices of kids, with an adult on board to help navigate

This podcast takes the unique perspective that media is fun and wonderful for kids to engage with, but is best when coupled with media literacy (critical thinking) skills to help make effective choices

No other podcast combines the knowledge and experience of a professor/media professional/kid-expert with the voices of kids!

What do we hope to achieve?

Help parents understand their child’s media use

Help parents make effective decisions about their child’s media use

Encourage kids to reflect on their media use and decisions

Improve the quality of children’s media

Encourage the creation of media content that kids really love and speaks to their lives

Important details

Revenue model:

Currently free to download and stream

Future revenue from speaking engagements

Advertising is possible, but not currently planned


We don’t share any private information from any of our kid guests.

We use first names only, and no geographic identifiers, such as the name of their town or school.

Can kids listen?

Kids Talk Media maintains a clean rating and is intentionally created for all ages to enjoy.

Still, parents and caregivers may wish to listen to an episode to get a feel for the show before inviting a child to listen.

How do we know parents and kids like it?

Here are a few testimonials:

It’s great to hear these kids talk about the media they like, and understand the why’s. You are also an awesome host and conversationalist.” (Kelly Mendoza, Senior Director, Education Programs, Common Sense Education)

Sherri is a longtime friend of Kids Corner who is internationally renowned as a resource on children and media. She is phenomenal at helping parents understand media aimed at their kids in order to make good media choices as a family. Her ability to help us understand complex issues in accessible terms makes her a treat teacher for all ages! (Kathy O’Connell, Host Kids Corner radio, NPR)

This is absolutely precious! Will continue to follow this! (Cecelia Zhou, media educator)

LOVE this! Thanks for encouraging kids to talk—and us to listen—about their digital lives. (Patty Page, children’s media creator)

“As a teacher of 30 years, it is always nice to hear a student or child’s perspective. The informality of which the interview takes place allows the children to speak freely and honestly about media. We learn so much listening to the opinions and voices of children. It is also wonderful to hear their excitement and enthusiasm about non-academic interests that they truly feel so passionate about. Thank you so much for sharing!” (Elise Weinstein, elementary classroom teacher, Newtown Elementary, Newtown, PA)

You are such a skilled interviewer. You’re so present and engaged. (Rebecca Fabiano, president and founder, FabYouth Philly)

It’s still a bit early for data on listening and downloads, but anecdotal information from parents and kids is very  positive. Parental feedback and kid feedback is guiding future podcasts

Why Sherri?

International speaker on children & media

Professor for courses on media and children

Author about children’s media

  • Chapter in “20 Questions about Youth & the Media” titled, “How are the needs of children considered in children’s media?” (2018)

Media literacy leader internationally

President, National Association for Media Literacy Education 2007-2018

UNESCO global media literacy involvement: GAPMIL, MILID

Director, Center for Media and Information Literacy @ Temple University

Media producer and media executive 22 years

Media consultant since 2007

Camp counselor & supervisor 20 years

Camper 16 years