• Meet Odessa + Jessie

    Topics? Books, the new Indiana Jones movie, Toca World, Xbox, the Fierce Girls podcast and the Greeking Out podcast, Netflix Kids, competition TV shows like The Voice and Bake Squad, and why graphic novels are the most fun to read!

  • Meet Freya + Femi

    Topics? Disney, Netflix, Mario Kart, TikTok, She-Ra Princess of Power, and the book series, Fairy Animal of Misty Wood. Plus what makes a movie scary, and the meaning of the word media.

  • Sherri shares thoughts about a recent episode

    This episode is a bit different. I am sharing thoughts about a recent experience in which I removed a podcast at a parent’s request. What might you have done in this situation?

  • Meet Theodoro + Lorenzo

    Topics? Fortnite, GT8, Rainbow 6, and Fifa video games. Watching online players like Mr. Beast. Watching older movies when their younger brothers aren’t around. And their feelings about the animated character Peppa Pig!

  • Meet Melanie + Kelyn

    Topics? Books, Minecraft, movie ratings, Shake It Up, ASMR, Minecraft, and the difference between social media and search.

  • Meet Serena + Gabby

    Topics? Alexa, Amazon and the influence of Jeffrey Bezos, Snapchat, TikTok, social media pressures and their appreciation for their digital literacy teacher! Plus, their love of musical theater!

  • Meet Lincoln + Harper

    Topics? Favorite apps SlitherIO, Roblox Fashion Famous, NeonSplash, Angry Birds Transformers and Fruit Ninja. Plus Kids Messenger; why the Haschak Sisters on YouTube are a favorite; and what Spongebob and cotton candy have in common!

  • Meet Nate + Ranier

    Topics? Discord, Zoom classes, Mindcraft, Spelunky 2, Civilization 6 and life as a middle schooler during a global pandemic.

  • Meet Rachel + Lyla

    Topics? Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, “Sharenting”, the peer pressures of social media and why adults “just don’t understand” what its’ like to be a kid online today.

  • Meet Aaron + Aitan

    Topics? Sports-related video games, YouTubers playing sports-related video games (such as Muselk), learning strategies for video games, balancing indoor and outdoor play (which really means balancing video games and outdoor play), and their disinterest in TikTok.