• Meet Serena + Gabby

    Topics? Alexa, Amazon and the influence of Jeffrey Bezos, Snapchat, TikTok, social media pressures and their appreciation for their digital literacy teacher! Plus, their love of musical theater!

  • Meet Lincoln + Harper

    Topics? Favorite apps SlitherIO, Roblox Fashion Famous, NeonSplash, Angry Birds Transformers and Fruit Ninja. Plus Kids Messenger; why the Haschak Sisters on YouTube are a favorite; and what Spongebob and cotton candy have in common!

  • Meet Nate + Ranier

    Topics? Discord, Zoom classes, Mindcraft, Spelunky 2, Civilization 6 and life as a middle schooler during a global pandemic.

  • Meet Rachel + Lyla

    Topics? Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, “Sharenting”, the peer pressures of social media and why adults “just don’t understand” what its’ like to be a kid online today.

  • Meet Aaron + Aitan

    Topics? Sports-related video games, YouTubers playing sports-related video games (such as Muselk), learning strategies for video games, balancing indoor and outdoor play (which really means balancing video games and outdoor play), and their disinterest in TikTok.

  • Meet Rachel + Ada

    Topics? Instagram, parents and memes, creating the fan account for the band “Why Don’t We”, Netflix, We Chat, Logan Paul, and the never-ending need to factcheck news.

  • Meet Scout + Sami

    Topics? Making TikToks, watching prank videos on YouTube, streaming documentaries for school assignments, Facetiming friends, learning about new apps from their older siblings and hoping for Disney+ !

  • Meet penelope + Mackenzie

    Topics? TikTok, Alexa (‘she’ makes them go coo coo crazy), Ryan’s Toy Review, Kids Bop Kidz music, and YouTuber Lauri, the Icing Artist!

  • Meet Vidit + Daniel

    Topics? All things YouTube, plus Avengers, Fortnite, Rebel TV, Stranger Things, and the challenge of going outside to play when video games and movies are calling.

  • Meet Nick and Dominic

    Topics? The power of clickbait; doing homework with friends through the Xbox; earning media time from their family; keeping private information private; and their disbelief at the viral Instagram photo of an egg.